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Mission & Philosophy


Mission Statement

At L'Anse Area Schools, students, staff and families work together to develop individual strengths, talents and responsibilities in a caring, respectful and safe environment.

School Philosophy

Education is the responsibility of every individual in the District. The challenge of the L'Anse Area Schools is to prepare each student for a successful and meaningful life as democratic citizens in a global community. The process can neither isolate nor insulate students from the surrounding world.

It is the primary duty of the community, the L'Anse Board of Education, along with administration, faculty and staff to provide experience which will foster individual growth, promote self-esteem, mutual respect and create within each student a desire to develop his/her full potential. Toward these ends, each student shall have an equal educational opportunity.

A positive school climate will thrive and grow with the support and interest of the community.







Posted February 26, 2021
Pitco Frialator for Bid
L’Anse Area Schools are presently seeking bids for the sale of a 1987 Pitco Frialator in very good c ...

Posted February 15, 2021
2 Hour Delay ~ Monday, Feb. 15
L'Anse Area Schools will be on a 2 hour delay for Monday, February 15. ...

Posted February 15, 2021
2 Hour Delay ~ Tuesday, Feb. 16
L'Anse Area Schools will be on a 2 hour delay for Tuesday, February 16. ...





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The L’Anse Area School is a drug/alcohol/tobacco-free campus
for everyone including students, faculty, parents, and community members.

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